Social Entrepreneurial Responsibility

SKSI aims to maintain an attitude of cooperation with the surrounding communities where it operates.

Through different activities and programs with communities, SK SI  intends to avoid affecting local customs, helping to improve their quality of life and minimize the impact of their actions with the environment.




A major differentiating key factor of a company is its performance towards society, so SKSI in its business vision, combines respect for the environment, setting clear objectives to be achieved in each of their contracts, such as:

  1. To identify and assess the environmental aspects and the establishment of control measures.
  2. To comply with the applicable legal requirements to each of our contracts and requirements of our customers.
  3. To set and meet the environmental program provided at the beginning of the contracts.
  4. To identify, record and report environmental incidents.

In relation to the handling of hazardous waste, the company has programs in both field and headquarters, which consider five phases or stages:

  • Gathering information.
  • Separation, classification and labeling in origin.
  • Collection and internal transport.
  • Temporary storage.
  • Final disposal is by definition given by our customers and according to legal regulations.

As a complement to the above, in accordance with the action lines given by IC Sigdo Koppers S.A, SK SI head office, the company has provided of an action plan for works focused on care of vital resources such as water and energy as well as promoting the reuse and recycling of other resources.