Long-term Relationships 

SKSI encourages long-term relationships with the different parties. 

With its Customers: 

  1. By the administration contracts principles, in which transparent information and management systems are implemented to facilitate joints during the execution of contracts on time, managing deviations altogether with customers to control the effects of them. 
  2. Strengthening relationships of the type Win Win. 
  3. Accomplishing the commitments that we acquired. 

With its team: 

  1. Through positive, comprehensive and respectful leadership. 
  2. Through effective and specific training plans. 
  3. Creating new opportunities of professional development. 
  4. By implementing our philosophy. 

With its business partners and suppliers: 

  1. Strengthening Win Win relationships. 
  2. Honour our commitments and obligations. 
  3. By honest and responsible actions.