Our Philosophy

Safety, Quality and Environment

We keep a permanent dedication to safety and quality, as well as taking care of the environment. We give these values maximum priority over other objectives of our business.

Generating value and sustainable growth

We operate profitably, always with a long term vision, based on the permanent fulfilment of our customers’ expectations.

Ethics and Integrity

All of our actions are ethically oriented so those who belong to the organization are able to make decisions on a  prudent and fair results basis. In our work we take pride in strictly comply with our commitments and requirements imposed on by our performance and environment.

Excellence, Collaboration and People

Search for excellence lead us to maintain a permanent dedication to "doing things right and for our people," our major organizational capital, who we permanently invest in. We make our organization a great  place to work and live in. We encourage teamwork and continuous cooperation.

Leadership and Recognition

We are committed to always take the lead in every challenge.