Brownfield projects

We develop, integrate and implement projects in industrial facilities that are in operation. Modalities: EPC, PC, Construction and Start up-Commissioning (PEM). Speciality: civil works, structures, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and control. Project Objectives: Increase in production capacity, equipment and facilities updating, expansions, projects focused to minimization of impact on production/ operation on the facilities. 


Large Scale Shutdowns

Thanks to the cohesion of the technical and financial capabilities, the logistic power of a SK enterprise and the knowledge of its customer´s facilities, SKSI has developed a specialized service in the implementation of large scale shutdowns: major repairs, replacement of equipments, cleanings, tie ins. Spot works of high intensity in resources, with a high safety and quality standard compliance and within the compromised terms, has enabled SKSI to be recognized in the market of domestic heavy industry.

Operation and Maintenance

Within our business lines it is understood integration of Maintenance and Operation of industrial plants. An assets management model very convenient for our customers, who rely not only active maintenance but also deliver SKSI the management of a plant or part of it, obtaining a comprehensive service, which normally is priced according to production levels, an issue that aligns all the client and the supplier´s interests, who earn higher profits by increasing production levels of assets.